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The Panelizer System

This system consists of the PurlinGuide, GirtJack, PanelTrack, and PanelLift, and produces sheeting times that are up to four times faster than the traditional, antiqued method. Considering most competitive bids are determined by a marginal amount, the Panelizer™ System provides the builder with a clear edge on the competition. This system standardizes the installation process, eliminates substantial risk, and empowers erectors.

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Never before has there been a system or process capable of perfecting the installation of roof and wall systems without compromising production or worker safety. Used for installing the core group of metal panels (PBR/BRII, PBU, 7.2, PBC, etc.), this is the first suite of equipment of its kind to facilitate erectors with a standardized cladding process that is second to none.  This equipment is specifically designed to benefit from the modularity and precision design of roll formed metal building products.


No Rolled Purlins, No Missed Screws, No Lost production. By automatically holding all purlins the correct spacing & rolling ahead of the leading edge, 100% pre-drilled & panelized roofs are possible.

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The PurlinGuide™ is essential in maintaining a rapid rate of excellent workmanship. Since we pre-drill all roof drillers & Stitch Screws, The Purlins Spacing must be maintained mid-span just like at the rafter connection. No more fiddling around with rolled purlins, staggered screw lines, or screw misses.

The PurlinGuide™ is designed to align the purlins for roof panels up to 40’ in length with 1 eave clamp & 8 purlin trucks.



Designed for rapid girt alignment. Never before has there been a safer, faster, more convenient method for a girt prop. This is the new standard.

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Keep the wood dunnage on the ground, the GirtJack™ Lifts an entire bay of girts to the correct height in seconds. You’ll no longer have to waste time getting in the scissor lift and wedging wood between girts.

Works with Eave heights up to +30’, ZEE or CEE girts, and girts up to 12” deep. If your project has a concrete curb or CMU Wainscot, this versatile tool is a must for your crew.


Multi-Purpose, Big results. No more carrying panels by hand, just push the bundle down the tracks & Slide each panel onto the corrugated deck. This perfects panel layout, eliminates non-value added labor & increases your profit margins.

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This piece of equipment solves two problems erectors face every day- Eliminating the wasted labor of carrying panels from the bundle to the leading edge, which is constantly moving And Holding the panels to the layout, which is critical.

Shake out 45’ Roof panels with just 2 men, Eliminating the need to carry roof panels, all while reducing your exposure to leading edge falls by 86%. The Rising cost of Labor and Lack of Skilled labor no longer have to hold you back.

Panel Layout is critical, this new method standardizes the installation process, Sawtooth roof panels, Poor reveal at Corners & Jambs, even trim/flashing that doesn’t work, can all be eliminated with this systematic approach.



Zero added holes, scuffs, scratches or dents, our floating fastener design gives flexibility for pilot holes. After your panels are shook out on the PanelTrack, Lower the PanelLift into place and secure to your pre-drilled panels, this native squeeze aligns all corrugations for a perfect layout. Just imagine what your competitors will think when your swinging entire bays into place.

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Access becomes an issue of the past. Whether your project is against a property line, fence, or adjacent structure, The PanelLift™ gives access to a new form of production that is unmatched.

Designed to work & install roof panels that are dead flat, full vertical walls, or anywhere in between.


The MTX System

Material transport system for metal roofing. Eliminate non-value added labor and stay on the leading edge!

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PanelClad was founded in 2017 by Jared & Beth Bradford. Jared is a third-generation builder whose parents founded Bradford Steel in 1977.  As a metal building project manager/estimator at the family company, he noticed the general simplicity of metal building erection and thought, “There must be a better way.” Over a three-year span, Jared brainstormed solutions to common erector struggles such as slow erection times, missed screw holes, sagging girts, rolled purlins, and worker safety.  Through this process of evaluation, PanelClad’s first panelized erecting system, The Panelizer™, was born.

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With a tight deadline that needed to be met in 2017, Bradford Steel’s erection crew implemented The Panelizer™ on a project consisting of (2) 64,000 SF commodity buildings with a 5:12 roof pitch.  The first five hours of wall sheeting, the 5 man-crew completed 350 linear feet. and became evident that this system could change the game for metal building erection. With US patents pending on all tools and systems, Jared set out to share & empower erectors all over the United States.

Speed without compromising safety or workmanship.

Add manpower instantly while simultaneously impressing clients and increasing job satisfaction for your valuable, hard-working employees.
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