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We designed a work deck that supports a full bundle of material. Our carts roll the material back and forth to build panels for lifting by machine, not by hand.

Modularity is key to workmanship, and key to our process. Roll-formed panels are precision made through the roll-forming process, We use this precision to our advantage. Each panel is held to module with our interchangeable cap & block profiles, made specifically for the panel you’re installing.

When lifting the panels, they are firmly compressed from the cap & block profiles, this holds the panels to module, and perfectly straight with our .06” deflection tolerance.

The Pro-Clad is capable of lifting 6 fully stitched and prepped IMP sections, maximizing square footage installed per pick. Utilizing the same work deck as the Pro-Clad the IMP sections are attached on the ground decreasing the amount of erectors needed on the leading edge while installing roof systems.

The Pro-Clad was designed so that each lifting pad lines up perfectly with the seam where panels connect, allowing the stitch screws to safely grab each panel while not adding unnecessary holes in the panel.

Similar to the Pro-Clamp, the Pro-Deck is designed to lift numerous kinds of decking materials and the list is always growing. From corrugated decking to acoustical decking, the adaptability of the Pro-Deck has not failed yet.

The precision put into designing and building this equipment mirrors its performance in the field. When the material being installed requires precise placement or specific handling, the Pro-Deck can be trusted to handle with care.