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The system is designed with an interlocking modular rail system, rail carts, and transfer carts that allow the lateral and horizontal delivery of bundles of panels directly to where you need them. Our acetyl bearing wheels make pushing heavy loads a breeze, and we know how nice a breeze can be while installing roof systems on metal buildings.

The entire system can be bought or leased and comes delivered in a custom fabricated box for easy transportation.


The transfer carts have custom acetyl bearing wheels made to ride along the the top of standing seam roofs.

When you need to move bundles of panels uphill for better placement on the leading edge, the transfer carts drastically decrease erectors material handling and increase their safety.


Our MTX Rail Carts have similar bearing wheels as the transfer carts. They are made out of custom acetyl plastic, shaped to fit the MTX rail system that is designed to lay across many different types of roof profiles.

Once the rail system is installed the rail carts are easily placed to ride back and forth across the roof, delivering full bundles of material to the leading edge from one side of the structure.


Our rail systems are made with erectors time and safety in mind. Made from aluminum these 8ft sections are lifted on to the roof in the delivery box for easy access to the erectors.

Once on the roof the erectors simply lay out the rails from the end wall towards the leading edge and add tracks as needed. The tracks are equipped with simple low-profile clamps that grip the seam or panel beneath them.